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A Potpourri of Links

1. An interesting photoessay that looks at intimacy between men in pre-WWII era photographs: Bosom Buddies: A Photo History of Male Affection The poses, facial expressions, and body language of the men below will strike the modern viewer as very gay indeed. But it is crucial to understand that you cannot view these photographs through […]

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art by Ben

Peace and Praise

A couple of pieces this week that moved me. 1. from Calah Alexander: The Jew, the Samaritan, the ‘Other’, me When I read the parable of the Good Samaritan, I’m always the Samaritan. The Jew is usually some hopelessly out-of-touch, uber-judgmental fundamentalist type whom I benevolently aid, despite the aspersions he or she is casting […]

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Encourage Each Other

Lord, open my lips This morning we had one of the best catechesis sessions ever. Totally not my doing, except that I was open to inspiration and ran with it when I saw what was happening. It was also one of the best experiences of lectio divina I’ve ever had. What happened was this. After […]

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The Ginger Cat

This morning we were all outside in the back yard before lunch time when a cat suddenly appeared in the back corner beyond the dome. I think it must have come in through a hole in the fence that is on that side of the yard. A little orange and white cat, a large kitten […]

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You Will Remember Compassion

Salus Populi Romani “Even in your anger, Lord, you will remember compassion.” Antiphon for Morning Prayer, Friday Week II This week this antiphon jumped out at me. And it has been with me ever since. I have been pondering it. Rolling it about in my mind like a stone int he pocket that your fingers […]

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Morning’s Glory

We planted our flower garden late, halfway through July. At the time I wondered if it wasn’t a little bit foolish. Today I am so very glad we just did it. Every morning the kids want to run out to see what new things might be blooming. The sparrows are regular visitors at the feeder. […]

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Three Quick Takes with Photos

Father Matt, Movie Star Last week Dom received a last minute request from one of our favorite priests. Father Matt was filming a video for the seventh grade something something and wanted to know if they could film a bit at our house and maybe have the kids make a cameo appearance. So we said […]

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School Notes

The first few days of our “back to school” week have gone swimmingly. By which I mean they have been chaotic and full of interruptions and missed opportunities. And yet we also accomplished more than I dared hope. Yes things are crazy. But when have they ever not been crazy? This year we have another […]

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