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Tell Me Three Things….

If I say I’m going to try to post daily, for Lent, will I jinx myself? I really like Melissa Wiley’s Tell Me Three Things. Maybe I’ll try that. Just a little pause at the end of the day to record three things, however small. A foot in the door without having to be big […]

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After Long Silence…

It’s been a long time since I opened the Add New Post tab on my browser. And even longer since I actually finished and posted a blog entry. There are a few drafts that never made it very far, withering on the branch. Some seasons of life are fertile and some are fallow. This has […]

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Winter Wonderland

First, we had a big snow, about 8 inches. Which is huge for December in eastern Massachhusetts where we usually don’t get significant snow until January or even February. And then it froze and stuck around for days. Also unusual for early December. The kids all earned money shoveling snow. It’s a great thing to […]

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Bleak October

It’s been a month since I last wrote on my blog. September was a hard month and October is not shaping up to be much better. Ben’s allergies and asthma have been terrible and I suspect there was a cold in there among all the rest of it as well. He’s been to urgent care […]

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Summer Reading Notes 2019

Summer doldrums hit and I never got around to publishing my book notes for June or July. And now August is over too. So I’m just going to make one massive Summer Book Notes post and clear the slate for the fall. I read a lot this summer, mostly in series. Finished in June In […]

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Gettysburg July 2019, Day IV and V

We had breakfast on the go— muffins and such from the grocery store— and left Gettysburg. We drove south to Maryland because less than half an hour away is the shrine of a favorite saint, St Elizabeth Ann Seton, who was the first US-born canonized saint. I’ve read a couple books by her and was […]

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Room in Brooklyn

Room in Brooklyn High above the world, where the street sounds can’t hardly reach, her window with its lopsided shades looks over the rooftops where the clustered chimneys gaze back at the woman who sits so cozy in her wooden chair, now looking at her book now out at the ranks of windows, the red […]

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Gettysburg, July 2019, Day II

On Tuesday we had a camp breakfast: bacon, eggs, and bagels toasted in the bacon fat. After breakfast we headed to the Gettysburg National Military Park visitor center. The park itself is quite large, comprising the battlefields that almost surround the town. But the visitor center was the place to start. We did get a […]

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