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Once More to the Lake

Thanks to E.B. White for the title, which comes from an essay that I love. But this post isn’t really about White or his essay. I’m just stealing it because it’s what’s in my head. I’m slow to get this post from my head to the blog. I guess I’ve been enjoying the last of […]

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Learning Adventures in July

Our garden is producing: zucchini, cucumbers, snap peas, cherry tomatoes. The green beans are getting bigger. Mint and basil are abundant, plenty to flavor dinner and drinks. There has been a sudden interest in baking among the youngest three. Ben made chocolate chip cookies and pecan pie. Lucy made muffins. Anthony helped. I sit in […]

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July 2020 Snapshots

it’s been a long time since I wrote a bloggity blog post, stream of consciousness, what’s going on right now, chatty sort of post. Life hasn’t lent itself to that lately, I guess?

Today, though, I’m feeling chatty. It’s Ben’s eleventh birthday and that in itself is something to note and think about, worth putting virtual […]

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Motherhood The way the mother’s fingers lift and squish her breast to help the baby latch. The way the baby’s hand clutches his mother’s finger as he nurses. The way the baby’s eye looks up, trustingly, at his mother’s face. The way the mother looks down at him, tender and absorbed, meeting his eye. The […]

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