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Learning Adventures in July

Our garden is producing: zucchini, cucumbers, snap peas, cherry tomatoes. The green beans are getting bigger. Mint and basil are abundant, plenty to flavor dinner and drinks. There has been a sudden interest in baking among the youngest three. Ben made chocolate chip cookies and pecan pie. Lucy made muffins. Anthony helped. I sit in […]

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July 2020 Snapshots

it’s been a long time since I wrote a bloggity blog post, stream of consciousness, what’s going on right now, chatty sort of post. Life hasn’t lent itself to that lately, I guess?

Today, though, I’m feeling chatty. It’s Ben’s eleventh birthday and that in itself is something to note and think about, worth putting virtual […]

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Motherhood The way the mother’s fingers lift and squish her breast to help the baby latch. The way the baby’s hand clutches his mother’s finger as he nurses. The way the baby’s eye looks up, trustingly, at his mother’s face. The way the mother looks down at him, tender and absorbed, meeting his eye. The […]

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I was very resistant to wearing a mask. I don’t like the feeling– I’m asthmatic and anxious. I can’t breath. Last time I had to wear a mask at the doctor, I almost had a panic attack. I had to take it off. But even before our town’s health department made it a local ordinance […]

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Camping In

This past weekend we had our first really warm days. It finally feels like spring– absolutely glorious. Even better, it was the first Saturday in ages when Dom didn’t have any work to do, no board meetings, no conference calls, nothing. First order of the day was getting our garden beds into shape. Our old […]

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The post-Easter let-down

Every year I feel guilty about how my fervor slacks during Easter Week. After the frenetic week of preparation and emotional intensity and the liturgical marathon of the Triduum and the social whirlwind of Easter itself, I deflate. I want to celebrate Easter joy with a prayer that is as intense, as filled with joy […]

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Quarantine: Holy Week Edition

(I didn’t post this last week, but it was written last Wednesday.) It’s hard to believe, looking back at my blog archives, that on March 9 my biggest concern was getting to Mass after the time change. How everything has changed. I’m still going out for groceries once a week and Dom and I have […]

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