Morning’s Glory

Morning’s Glory

2013-09-04 08.25.46

We planted our flower garden late, halfway through July. At the time I wondered if it wasn’t a little bit foolish.

2013-09-04 08.25.28

Today I am so very glad we just did it. Every morning the kids want to run out to see what new things might be blooming. The sparrows are regular visitors at the feeder. We have bees, butterflies, all sorts of insects. I even spied a hummingbird the other day, though sadly the kids didn’t see it.

2013-09-04 08.26.23

Cosmos, zinnias, marigolds, morning glories. And little white flowers I can’t identify.

2013-09-04 08.26.45

2013-09-04 08.26.57

2013-09-04 08.27.49

2013-09-04 08.28.54

2013-09-04 08.29.03

And sunflowers.

2013-09-04 08.29.30

Glorious even before they bloom.

2013-09-04 08.29.35

Dom says when he leaves they are looking across the street and when he comes homes they are peering over the roof.

I hope they bloom before it freezes.

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  • Oh, how wonderful!! Have you ever put up a hummingbird feeder? We finally got ours up a few weeks ago, and even our 20-month-old has spotted the hummingbirds there!
    We planted some things quite late, as well, and I also am so glad we still did it.

    • Jocelyn, We had one a few years ago but the only place I could hang it was the tree on the other side of the yard. It was too far away to really see and I am terrible at remembering to refill it.

      The problem is I can’t hang anything from our eaves because of the way the siding covers them. The pole we have the other feeders on would be too short to allow us to actually see the hummingbirds feed at it. I’d love to find a way to make a hummingbird feeder work, but I can’t quite figure it out.