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Please Pray for Bella

Bella woke up vomiting in the early hours on Wednesday morning. She had near constant vomiting and diarrhea for the next ten hours until we finally got a prescription for an anti-emetic but she’s still got terrible diarrhea. Now she’s sleeping but still really weak and feverish and absolutely miserable. I know my Bella girl […]

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Happy Birthday, Sophie: 7

Seven years ago my sweet Sophie was born at 4:30 pm, thirty hours after I got to the hospital after a valiant attempt at a VBAC, she arrived by c-section. Today she woke up in a grouch, for reasons she never could explain, not even to herself, but soon was her normal sunny self. We […]

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Learning Notes First Week of November

Monday Last night was horrid. Ben woke up coughing around 11:30. He could not stop. Stupid asthma. I couldn’t get him to use the inhaler. He was just sobbing hysterically and coughing uncontrollably. It was terrible. He ended up vomiting into the inhaler. Anyway between him and Anthony and Lucy I was up until 2 […]

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