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Kicking the Devil Down the Stairs: St Michael, Superheroes, Swords, and Little Boys

A mom in one of my Facebook groups is — understandably— concerned that her six year old boy is suddenly obsessed with the devil, talking about him constantly, asking lots of questions about the devil, talking about hurting the devil with a sword, comparing other people’s bad behavior to the devil. Is this normal? she […]

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Dissecting Books?

Recently a friend shared this article on Facebook: Top Schools Think 7th and 8th Graders Should Be Able to Read These Books. The list is a pretty good one. There are a couple of books I’d teach earlier There are several books I’d hope my kids have encountered in a children’s version before middle school […]

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A child takes what he needs

A continuation of my thoughts in this post about reading for “what the book really means”. NOTICE Persons attempting to find a “text” in this book will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a “subtext” in this book will be banished; persons attempting to explain, interpret, explicate, analyze, deconstruct, or otherwise “understand” it will be […]

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What the Book Really Means

Deconstructing Penguins: What the book’s Really about Deconstructing Penguins: Parents, Kids, and the Bond of Reading by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone is a well-intentioned book about how to read fiction with children that rubbed me the wrong way from beginning to end because, as much as there is that it gets right about how to […]

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