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Anthony Turns Eight

I used to write a reflective blog post for every kid’s birthday. But after a while it started to feel more like an obligation than a chance to reflect and ponder and celebrate. And I felt kind of guilty if I wrote one for one child and not for another. Silly, I suppose. I’m super-sensitive […]

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Extra Beats

This year we got new insurance–hoorah! The old one wasn’t covering our preventative inhalers– Boo! But the pediatrician, who we’d only been with for a year after our former doctor retired, doesn’t take the new insurance. So we had to get a new new pediatrician. And I was filled with dread, but I actually like […]

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Making History Your Own: More on How It Works Here

Some more, rather rambling, musings about teaching history with Story of the World, following up on History for the Young Child. In several follow-up discussions to Leila’s piece and my response and in other conversations about history and homeschooling, one thing I noticed was that even among families who use the same spine curriculum we […]

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Learning Notes Week of Sept 14

Sunday Managed to actually read Mass readings and discuss them before Mass. A really good discussion too about the cross and justice and mercy. Anthony looking over Dom’s shoulder saw the still shot for the Shakespeare Original Pronunciation video and exclaimed, Is that the Globe? So the little ones are getting into it too. Monday […]

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Learning Notes Week of Sept 8

Monday For copywork I copied out one of the antiphons from today’s Morning Prayer for the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary: “When the most holy Virgin was born, the whole world was made radiant.” Which was really only the first half of the antiphon. The second half is “blessed is the […]

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