Extra Beats

This year we got new insurance–hoorah! The old one wasn’t covering our preventative inhalers– Boo! But the pediatrician, who we’d only been with for a year after our former doctor retired, doesn’t take the new insurance. So we had to get a new new pediatrician. And I was filled with dread, but I actually like […]

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From my Sketchbook

Now that I don’t have babies or toddlers, there is a space in my week, most weeks, to pull out a sketchbook and draw, paint, color with pencils, ink… I really love being able to make something pretty, to experiment, to put into practice techniques I’ve read about. I’ve got a really nice set of […]

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Best Books of 2018

I finished 44 books this year and I started or made some progress on many more that I never finished. That’s not counting any of the books I read aloud to the kids, though I certainly thought about them and they do form a large part of my reading life these days. But I put […]

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Reading Mysteries

During my current re-read of Gaudy Night I started to think about the mystery genre in general and myself as a reader of mysteries in particular. I’ve read a lot of mystery novels in my life. I like the genre. Or at least I like a lot of mystery novelists: I’ve read Dorothy Sayers and […]

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Gaudy Night

Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers 
My friend Nicole, who had never read any Sayers and to whom I had recommended Gaudy Night, noticed that the Kindle version was on sale for just $1.99. So I snapped it up and then having it right there and having a friend who started sharing quotes on Facebook was […]

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Learning Notes Week of December 3

Monday December 3 Bella: none, appointment all morning. Sophie: math copywork Ben: math copywork Anthony: math copywork Afternoon stories: reading from letter of St Francis Xavier, Doll’s House, St Peter Claver, Around the World in 100 Days, lectionary readings. Bedtime story: Friendly Gables. Tuesday December 4 Bella: math, read and narrated Abraham Lincoln’s World Sophie: […]

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Learning Notes Week of November 26

Monday November 26 Bella: math, copywork, Latin (Winnie Ille Pu), timeline book, read and narrate George Washington’s World and A Naturalist Buys and Old Farm (written narration for NBAOF). Read Elements, Cobblestone Magazine issue about Progressives. Sophie: math, copywork Ben: math, copywork, Explode the Code, Little Bear Anthony: math Lucy: copywork Afternoon stories: Doll’s House, […]

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