Chronological Snobbery about the Middle Ages

  We’ve been reading Men, Microscopes and Living Things, which is a sort of history of biology for children. On the whole I really like the book. It’s well written and engaging. But the chapters on medieval herbalists and medieval bestiaries both raised my eyebrows a bit and sparked some interesting discussions as I questioned […]

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Poetry and Waiting Rooms

The clouds look like they could be snow clouds. But this early in November, probably they won’t shake down any soft feathers upon us. (Though far-away friends on Facebook are proudly sharing photos of white-dusted lawns and even a miniature snowman.) Beneath the clouds’ shadowy canopy the crabapples on the nearly leafless tree are a […]

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Reading Notes October 2018

Finished in October 1. Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson I originally read this book ages ago. Maybe when I was in high school or college? I don’t think I liked it very much. So for years whenever anyone recommends it or it comes up in conversation I’ve remembered that I didn’t like it but thought: […]

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Winnie the Pooh at the MFA

The best picture book illustrations are true art. I’ve always loved the art of beautiful picture books, I never outgrew the love of them. Two years ago the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston had an exhibit of Robert McCloskey’s drawings and watercolors. Now they’ve got Pooh, an amazing exhibit featuring the drawings of E.H. […]

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Learning Notes Week of October 15

Monday October 15 Anthony: math, copywork, History. Ben: math, copywork, Explode the Code, Bob book. Sophie: math, copywork, French, Geography Bella: math, composition (poetry) Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, Magna Charta, St Louis de Montfort, Men Microscopes and Living Things, lectionary readings. Bedtime story: Mitchells Five for Victory. Tuesday October 16 Anthony: math, copywork, History. […]

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