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Homeschool/Reading Notes: The Season of Nature Study

(Notes from last week that I meant to post this weekend, but we were too busy with going to the farmer’s market with my mother-in-law on Saturday and then gardening and confession and dinner and baths. And then on Sunday my niece’s confirmation.) It finally feels as if spring is here. The good spring when […]

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Garden Therapy

My newly tidied iris bed. I didn’t pull most of the weeds up by the roots, so they’re bound to come back quickly. But when I dig up the bulbs to split them, I can get more of the weeds out too. Even though there were piles of dirty laundry and all the unpacking and […]

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Four Quick Takes in Pictures

Miss Lucy and the notebook She is now a sitting up girl. She very seldom topples anymore. Usually when she does it’s a sign she needs her diaper changed. She’s still as smiley as ever. Loves to laugh and play peek-a-boo. Loves to eat my notebook. I’m madly in love. She just has this way […]

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Gardening in July

Our new bed looks so pretty. But I must confess the vegetable garden is a wasteland. And the old flower beds… weeding them was just too much work. They are overgrown. It’s tempting to post pictures only of gardening successes. Then everyone imagines that it’s always more of the same. Lest my pictures of the […]

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