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“Nobody Likes the Tangerines”–Reinventing the Liturgical Year

Sunday morning on our way to Mass Dom commented on the sign at the corner pharmacy advertising Valentines Day merchandise, wondering if people really buy Valentines stuff this far in advance of the holiday. That got us talking about all these secularized holidays and how cut off they are from their roots in authentic Christian […]

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On Things

This is my third post about Bed and Board: Plain Talk about Marriage by Robert Farrar Capon. In a way it’s also a sort of response to some of the posts that have been flying about a certain corner of the blogosphere about domestic arts and homemaking and button sewing. If you don’t know what […]

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The Little Oratory– Curating My Religious Art Collection

So I’ve been slowly inching my way through The Little Oratory. (I’m almost done with the other book I’m reading for to months and when I’ve done with that then I’m sure I’ll finish up The Little Oratory fairly quickly.) If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I’ve blogged […]

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The Holiness of Housework

From my mom, a beautiful article by a woman in my dad’s Carmelite community. Something about the way she frames things…. I want to be more prayerful and intentional in my work. Things to ponder. When my kids were small, I used to go with them one room at a time to work with them […]

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Garden Therapy

My newly tidied iris bed. I didn’t pull most of the weeds up by the roots, so they’re bound to come back quickly. But when I dig up the bulbs to split them, I can get more of the weeds out too. Even though there were piles of dirty laundry and all the unpacking and […]

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