Four Quick Takes in Pictures

Miss Lucy and the notebook


She is now a sitting up girl. She very seldom topples anymore. Usually when she does it’s a sign she needs her diaper changed.


She’s still as smiley as ever. Loves to laugh and play peek-a-boo. Loves to eat my notebook.


I’m madly in love.


She just has this way about her. Watch out, world.


Anthony the Engineer


Anthony loves to build things.


I was quite impressed with his engineering here.


He figured out how to broaden his base and how to use the wall as support to make a taller tower.

However, Ben was not happy because the raw materials from the tower came from Ben’s road that he’d walked away from but evidently was still attached to. Lessons.


Bella and Greek Myths


We finally made it all the way through D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths. We really need to buy a copy, I do believe. This one belongs to the library. Bella is so loving all things Greek right now. I can’t wait to take her back to the MFA to see the Greek artifacts. She’s going to be so in heaven.


Wildflower Garden


Look at how green it is! Soon we’ll have sunflowers and daisies and morning glories and who knows what all butterfly friendly wildflowers from a big mixed bag.


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  • Obligatory reminder that the patroness of the missions is St. Thérèse who never left her convent!

  • Oh don’t I know it! And still I always think that at least she had, Oh I don’t know her Carmelite vocation. She was supposed to be cloistered where I’m supposed to be in the world. And yet I do know that God gave me the temperament he gave me and perhaps in some ways my particular vocation to the married life bears more resemblance to her cloister than to Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity or the sociable extrovert mothers who have a bunch of kids and still do all the external service. A quiet, contemplative family life? Is that a contradiction in terms? I don’t rally believe it has to be. So I don’t know why I feel pulled/guilted toward an attempt to be something I’m not. I should just embrace my life as it is now without worrying too much about it, right?

  • You do so much good! 

    So… please, in your family church, keep my extrovert son in prayer.  I have four introverted children.  This one, the outlier, is off in eighteen days, to a mission school in Micronesia.  He’s just graduated from our homeschool and will spend the next two years in the place he absolutely refused to go – high school! – teaching math.

  • I struggle with the Catholic faith a lot.
    In my heart, I want to be such a good, practicing Catholic – in my real life, I am so less than good at it.
    I think this blog is your mission space. I have learned so much from it, and you have inspired me to be a better Catholic – to learn more, to pray more, to go to mass more regularly, to go to Confession. I need others like you…real people that write about their faith, and their life….
    So…thank you, and blessings to you…