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Kicking the Devil Down the Stairs: St Michael, Superheroes, Swords, and Little Boys

A mom in one of my Facebook groups is — understandably— concerned that her six year old boy is suddenly obsessed with the devil, talking about him constantly, asking lots of questions about the devil, talking about hurting the devil with a sword, comparing other people’s bad behavior to the devil. Is this normal? she […]

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Autonomy is the child’s secret dream

Autonomy Is the Child’s Secret Dream: Free-Range Books, Competence, and Constraint For some time I’ve been aware of this common theme running through so many of our just-for-fun read-aloud books. So many of them could be described in the same general way: a bunch of siblings, who spend most of their free time with each […]

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“Nobody Likes the Tangerines”–Reinventing the Liturgical Year

Sunday morning on our way to Mass Dom commented on the sign at the corner pharmacy advertising Valentines Day merchandise, wondering if people really buy Valentines stuff this far in advance of the holiday. That got us talking about all these secularized holidays and how cut off they are from their roots in authentic Christian […]

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The Little Oratory Giveaway– Winner Announcement

ELisa has won. Yay Elisa!!!! I wish I could give a copy of the book away to everyone who entered. If you do decided to go ahead and buy a copy… consider buying through my affiliate link: The Little Oratory: A Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home. I promise to spend every cent I […]

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