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April’s Books

Finished in April: 1. Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus by Sherry Weddell. I’m working on a separate book review post. But realizing I want to go back and re-read the book first. So I’m re-reading and getting so much more out of it the second time through. Book review coming […]

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THE PINISHERS, Volume 1: Food!

Ok I’m not on Pinterest. I do have an account, but I’ve pinned all of two things, both when I had this idea of doing a page of patron saints links or something like that. I never but never go to Pinterest. But I like Dorian’s low bar getting stuff done concept. And she said […]

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I Believe, I Adore, I Hope, I Love

This is what Adoration looks like. A dozen children, four moms, one grandmother, and an excellent priest who believes that children, yes even the youngest children, can get to know Jesus in this wonderful way. I think the oldest child here is 8. The youngest is Lucia, at 3 months, but the next youngest is […]

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Babylonians, Greeks, and Samurai. With a side of Blue and White.

Bella, Sophie and Ben finding familiar locations on a map of the Fertile Crescent and Eastern Mediterranean. Tuesday Dom took a comp day and we went to the MFA for a field trip. Oh how we love the MFA. Sophie looks at a variety of seals beneath a Babylonian lion. We started out with the […]

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Do We Know What Victory Looks Like?

Yesterday in a brilliantly titled piece, So Long and Thanks for All the Intersex Fish (If you don’t get the Douglas Adams reference… I’m sorry.), Simcha Fisher writes about how “Michael Potter, the founder and CEO of the popular, 45-year-old organic foods company Eden Foods, does not want to be forced to pay for his […]

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Re the News from Boston

For all my out of town family and friends who are following the news this morning, we’re south of Boston and well away from the towns they’re talking about in the news, although we do have family and friends in the lockdown area so you prayers are appreciated. I’m praying that this is resolved quickly […]

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Quick Takes, Expeditions

1. Lucy is now three months old and suddenly is learning all sorts of new things. Tonight she figured out how to say “B”. She echoed it back to me after I said, “Boo,” and was so pleased with herself she said it again and again, eventually it became a sort of raspberry with lots […]

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