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Bella’s Birthday Books

The Song of the Three Holy Children by Pauline Baynes This is my personal favorite of all the books I bought Bella for her birthday. I love Pauline Baynes—she did the original illustrations for the Chronicles of Narnia. I think she’s one of the top children’s book illustrators ever. And the fact that she did […]

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Hill Ladder

Bella can’t remember the word dome. So she called it a “hill ladder.” I like that name. I wasn’t going to write anything. Just let the pictures stand on their own. But I do have a story to tell that the photos don’t tell. Theresa put it together and didn’t finish until after sundown. So […]

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Life is messy

You know life with four kids is messy and chaotic and recently it’s been getting me down a bit. I feel like I can’t quite catch up to the getting stuff done I was doing before Anthony was born. You know, back when I didn’t have a nursing baby pinning me down to a chair […]

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A Bunch of Quick Takes

I haven’t done a quick takes in a while so there are quite a few little snippets I’ve noted on Twitter and Facebook that I wanted to archive here. They’re all pretty short, though. 1. Recently Ben has been incredible stubborn at bedtime. Several times he’s just flat out refused refused to get into his […]

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Anthony at 3 Months

He sleeps beautifully. When he’s on the play mat and he gets tired, he rolls over on his side, sticks his thumb in his mouth and goes to sleep. None of my other children have been like that. Also, if he’s asleep in my arms, I can hand him off to Dom or Tree and […]

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Bella’s 5th Birthday

I woke up rather late to find that Dom had made the birthday girl a special pancake breakfast. What a wonderful dad! We had her open her presents before Dom went to work so as to streamline the dinner and after dinner time. Since Dom’s working late these days, trying to squeeze in dinner, cake […]

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Prayers Requested

Please join me today in praying for my mother-in-law, Virginia, who is having surgery today to remove the infected knee replacement. May God the physician guide the surgeon’s hands and those of all the doctors and nurses who help her today. May he give her strength for the journey and grant her peace. And may […]

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Five Years of Bella

From bright-eyed baby then one two three four now is it possible you’re really five? Happy birthday to the little girl who still approaches the world with wide-eyed wonder. Still thirsting to take it all in. Still full of energy and exuberance. We love you, Isabella and are so very blessed to have had five […]

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Playing with Dough

Silly Bella Look, Mom, a worm! Ben, intent Sophie’s worm family My favorite mug with my favorite tea: ginger peach decaf from The Republic of Tea My handiwork Another chilly rainy day. I knew I needed to do something new and fresh with the kids. So today we made dough and then played with it. […]

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