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May Book Notes

Finished in May: 1. Till We Have Faces, Mrs Darwin’s April selection for Reading for Believers. I have such a hard time talking about this book. I love it and yet every time I try to untangle it I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall. I was hoping our book club could help me […]

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High Drama at the Store

Bella and Sophie are playing a game in which the dad (played by elephant) won’t let the baby doll, whose name is Afadilla, go into the store. Bella:“Let Afadilla go in the store!” Sophie: “No!” Bella: “Let Afadilla go to the store! Afadilla’s a person! She loves it. Any other day when the store is […]

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Daria has tagged me in a favorite Bible verses meme. I’m terrible about answering these things in a timely manner. Mostly because, as Dom likes to point out, I overthink them. (DO other people do that or is it just me?) So today I’m not going to agonize over it but just put down the […]

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“Dophie Do It”

In the past couple of weeks getting Ben to go to sleep has become an epic battle. For some reason we have not yet discerned he has decided that his bed is his enemy and he will. not. go. gently. Bedtime is the worst; but nap time has been pretty tricky as well. Saturdays and […]

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Of Swallowtails and Sprains

It’s 84 right now. The high is supposed to be 90. After weeks of chill and rain this is bliss! (I’m so glad we have AC, though, or it would not be so blissful.) I looked at the forecast and decided today we’d go to the park and have a picnic lunch. I’m really trying […]

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Nature Comes Calling

This morning as I was cooking breakfast I asked Bella to open the front windows so we could catch a cross breeze for a while before the day got too hot. As she was pushing up the pane, she exclaimed: “There’s a deer in the yard!” For a second I thought she was playing. Then […]

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Today’s Impromptu Botany Lesson

This afternoon I let the girls run around in the front yard while Ben napped. I looked out and Bella had amassed quite the collection which she wanted me to inspect. I was almost dismissive of her but then saw an opportunity to slow down, look more closely and learn something. And teach something. So […]

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Daily Mass with Ben

Recently in confession the subject of daily Mass came up. I used to go to daily Mass regularly before I was married, I lamented in response. I’d love to start going again; but with four kids, it’s just too hard. And then I actually listened to what I was saying. Heard myself making excuses. And […]

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