Bella’s 5th Birthday

Bella’s 5th Birthday

I woke up rather late to find that Dom had made the birthday girl a special pancake breakfast. What a wonderful dad!

We had her open her presents before Dom went to work so as to streamline the dinner and after dinner time. Since Dom’s working late these days, trying to squeeze in dinner, cake and candles, opening presents and reading all the new books and playing with all the new toys would be ambitious. I’m finally learning how to juggle things a bit.

She loved all her presents. A bug collecting kit for the girl who brought me a handful of caterpillars on Sunday. A pretty new lacy headscarf. A butterfly pavillion (you send off for caterpillars to raise). A pile of books. (I’ll do a post on the books later.)

The day was pretty uneventful. Not too much different from any other day. Except for the delivery of a fruit bouquet from my parents. And other presents via UPS. We read her new books. Baked a cake. Then my dinner plans flopped. I didn’t actually have any mozzarella for the pizza I was planning to make. So we went out for dinner instead.

Dinner at Bertuccis. We had pizza after all. It was crowded because a local school was haivng a fundraiser. But it went pretty smoothly for all that.

Came home and had the cake. No frosting because I didn’t get around to making any. Nursing babies curtail the best laid plans. I guess it’s just as well I didn’t try to make the pizza.

Any day with my girl is a treat. What a bright, sunny, smart, funny, happy Bella she is!

I’m so looking forward to seeing what the coming year will bring.

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  • That look he is giving Dom is making my heart melt. I can’t imagine how powerless you must be when he directs it at you.

  • Jen, Oh yeah. Daily melting. Oh and when he gives it to his siblings…

    The other night he was nursing and I was reading and suddenly I heard this sweet little cooing and I looked down and he was just gazing at me and talking away.

  • Oh oh oh! He is too cute! Liam was a little like that. We’d put him down when he got tired and he’d babble at his hands until he fell asleep. Amazing. Also so happy.