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Nature Journal: Birdwatching

I paused at the back door on my way to put the roast into the oven when I noticed a flock of robins hopping about in the yard. Eight of them in their cheery red waistcoats pecking at bugs and pulling up worms—another of those things I’d previously known only from books and in the […]

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The Drowning Man

We all were warned, each of us, you too. As parents, my wife and I told our boys, and Barack and Michelle most likely have told their girls. All kids lucky enough to grow up and become parents will warn their young if they have even the slightest sense of responsibility. You stay away from […]

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Don’t Wake the Sleeping Baby

Poor Sophia. Saturday and yesterday she did all her napping in the car. Today, not too surprisingly, she was cranky and tired. This morning as I was vacuuming the house, I popped her on the couch, one of her favorite places to play. As I dashed back and forth, I noticed she was growing calmer […]

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Impromptu Saturday

As new homeowners we are very excitedly planning out all our yard and garden projects now that spring is here. Even though it was only in the 30s today, it was sunny and we felt compelled to make a trip to our local nursery to pick up some potting soil and pots to transplant the […]

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I have not had a haircut, not even a trim, since just before Bella was born. It’s been almost exactly three years! My hair was so long it was very hard to brush and care for. I decided it was time. Before. After. I will be sending the braid that was cut off to Locks […]

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The Week in Photos

We’re still enjoying the finger puppets from Sophie’s birthday: skunk, ostrich, raccoon, owl, hedgehog. Sophie fell asleep on the way home from the post office. Who can resist a sleeping baby? Sophie still hates baths. Her favorite part is getting out. Sophie’s hair is finally getting long enough for a barrette. Bella left a muddy […]

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