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My First Daffodils!

  I thought those were daffodils poking their way up in the corner of the back yard. Today they opened and confirmed my prediction. Oh my heart is dancing full of gladness. Bright yellow, pure joy. I adore daffodils. I love the shadows on the fence, the way the bright green and gold of the […]

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Another First

There’s a first time for everything…. Bella’s never drawn or colored in one of our books before that I can remember. Sadly, our first experience of this was in one of the library books we picked up on Friday. I was flipping through it earlier today admiring the pictures. So I know definitely that the […]

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If you live in the Boston area…

The Boston Eucharistic Congress for College Students and Young Adults will take place on the evening of Friday, April 3 and all day Saturday, April 4, 2009. This free event will be held in the historic North End of Boston, MA. My sister is helping with the Eucharistic procession on Saturday night. I’ll probably not […]

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7 Quick Takes

—1— We visited to the library this morning for the first time. It might not be such a big deal that it’s taken me four and a half months to get to the library, with the morning sickness and the bitter winter weather; but that the library is less than a mile from the house, […]

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Rude Awakening

I woke this morning from a pleasant dream to a shriek. Not so unusual. Our morning routine is that the girls get up and play in their room and I sleep on until something hits a crisis point and the crying starts. But this was Bella screeching and it sounded much more panicked than usual: […]

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