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I Just Want to be Heard

Bella’s new habit, which, incidentally, is very annoying: When Dom and I are talking, she will ask, “What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?” If she did it once in a while or just asked once, it wouldn’t be so bad. But […]

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Prayers for Jennifer

Tomorrow is the big day, my dear friend Jennifer of Conversion Diary blog is being induced and her little baby girl will be born. Abigail is collecting a spiritual bouquet of prayers. Click on over to add your thoughts for Jen. We had the very great pleasure of visiting with Jen on our recent trip […]

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Painting on a Snowy Day

Today Bella was watching a slideshow of family photos and was a picture of herself painting. “I want to paint!” she declared. And so for the first time she painted at the new easel that she got for Christmas. (She’s drawn with markers and crayons, just not painted.) Every minute or so she’d come running […]

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Three Little Bears Sitting on Chairs

Is it just me or has anyone else had the thought, while reading Goodnight Moon for the umpteenth time, that the three little bears look like they’re in a group therapy session? I imagine that they are all experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after finding that their house had been broken into by some forward […]

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I’ll See You in My Dreams…

Following up on my earlier post on vivid pregnancy dreams…. (By the way, what’s up with that? Is it something about the hormones or just the fact that if you wake up every few hours to use the bathroom you’re more likely to remember your dreams?) Anyway, the recent trend in my dreams seems to […]

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