Osprey hovering before it dives for a fish.


I’ve had my share of sorrows.
I’ve had my share of joys.

Sorrows that swirl like starlings
darkening the blue like a noisy cloud.
They swoop and overtake a tree,
filling its branches with their crying.
Then rise together and depart over the houses.

Joys that soar and dive like an osprey
splashing into a clear blue stream,
then climb to hover beating
the air like a swimmer treading water.
And stoop once more to rise
triumphant with a silver fish in its talons.

Share and share alike?
What can I do when my joy is climbing with the osprey?
Should I wrap sorrow’s mantle around my heart?
How can I bring light on the wing
to those for whom life is pain?
I am powerless to amend this broken world.


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