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Patient Be patient as the pines are patient perching on the headland, staring over the sea at the white sails. The birds fly away, the boats sail away, the waves draw away and away and away leaving the pines behind. They lift their silent arms and sigh.   #withdraw2020

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Fever It’s June and the wild roses are in bloom. Amid the proliferation of green their petals glow white after yet another rainstorm has passed. And I am bone tired after keeping all night vigil with my youngest child in the emergency room. As I bundled her burning body into the backseat with her doll […]

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Curve The shell curves in on itself, spiraling deeper and deeper into its own secret recesses, smaller and smaller sanctuaries. If you could crawl inside, retreat into the inner darkness, what would you find in the still heart? A haven? Childhood home? A tight vastness of lost self? Would you find peace? #withdraw2020

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Calm Was she calm when the messenger appeared? And did he arrive in a whispering breeze or in a sudden roar as of flame? Reassuring her there was nothing to be feared. In Blessed Angelico’s painting she bows her head calmly enough, arms crossed meekly on her breast. But, look more closely at her face […]

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The orange plastic pumpkin holds the child’s Halloween hoard. 
Sticky Starbursts and unwanted lollypops. 
Still. After Christmas candies have come and gone, Candy canes and hollow Santa losing his head. Will they still be here after chocolate bunnies and jellybeans? History suggests the hoard will endure even this long Lent of renunciation. The child’s pockets […]

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Sing Since Love is Lord of heaven and earth, How can I keep from singing?

 Sing me a song that is pure as the breeze… Sing to the Lord, God’s chosen ones. Sing him a song that is new. Zion sing, break into song. Sing a song of sixpence. In the dark the child cannot […]

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Beans The child’s finger pushing the careful beans down into the dark soil, collecting a half moon of fragrant dirt beneath the fingernail, is planting hope.
 That the silent seed soon will yield a hundredfold coils of tendrils climbing the trellis, broad leaves drinking the sun, and white blossoms ready to sail beyond the sunset. […]

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Distance How many miles to Babylon? Threescore and ten. Can I get there by candlelight? Yes, and back again. How long is a mile? How tall is a tree? If I climb to the top, how far can I see? Can I see to China, can I see to Rome? Can I see over the […]

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 Picking up a pen these days is like donning a mask to dive deep, delve into the dark waters down down below the bubbles, sinking below the twilight zone, searching the seas for signs of submarine life. Where there’s life, there’s hope. It’s the same if you compose at the keyboard, fingers clicking away, […]

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