The Shelton with Sunspots

The Shelton with Sunspots

The Shelton with Sunspots by Georgia O’Keeffe
Like a bride bedecked with her jewels she arises 
With the sun as her diadem, soars into the skies,
Clouds as her veil, face obscured by the radiance
That shines through her dark solidity
As if it wasn’t there.

She strides boldly across the skyline,
Glimmering, radiant in her shower of gold
Trailing clouds of glory,
Enchanting the Sun—
Her bridegroom, who adores, 
The gift-giver, who adorns,
And the light, which is her adornment.

 Lover and giver of all good gifts
 He clothes her in light as in a robe.

In his exuberance he effaces her glory,
All but lost in his all-consuming love
That dazzles and blinds all who
Lift their eyes to the heights
To behold the marriage
Of heaven and earth.
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