Distance by Anthony


How many miles to Babylon?
Threescore and ten.
Can I get there by candlelight?
Yes, and back again.

How long is a mile? How tall is a tree?
If I climb to the top, how far can I see?
Can I see to China, can I see to Rome?
Can I see over the treetops, all the way to home?

When seen from the distance the Earth is a ball
when seen from the heavens all of us are quite small
From Mars it appears a blue star in the sky
We look at the vastness of space and ask: Why?

How far can I wander? To where can I go?
To escape from his love who made all things below?
If I had wings of a dove to carry me far
I never could get half as far as a star.

The dancers spin through the Galaxies round—
Are they singing on high, or making no sound?
Keeping their distance, in the blackness they fall.
Yet never beyond the voice of his call.


I’m not really thrilled with this one. A bit too sing-song. But the other one I was working on didn’t really ever gel. So we’ll go with this.

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