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In the Yard

While Ben was napping, the rest of us went out to enjoy the sunny afternoon. I was very taken with the monochromatic outfits that the girls had put together, Bella in pink and Sophie in green. And then Anthony was in blue for a perfect trio. I had to snap photos. Bella danced and posed […]

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Looking Closer at the Hail Mary

Have you been following Sarah Reinhard’s “Looking Closer at the Hail Mary” blog series? Well, have you? To be honest, I haven’t been following it very closely because I’ve really been trying to limit my computer time recently, even after my Lenten sacrifice is over. But I have been dipping in occasionally and discovered some […]

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Sunday Quick Takes

So yesterday Dom had a numb feeling on his scalp and one side of his face. When it didn’t go away by the afternoon, he called the doctor and was sent to Urgent Care. Which was closed so he ended up at the ER. They gave him a CAT scan and then wanted to do […]

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Bella Sings about Creation

The other morning Bellas was singing this song she’d made up about God creating the world and everything in it. Meanwhile, Sophie and Ben were singing too, and processing around the house holding two books that told the creation story. Sophie told me they were having Mass. Warning, don’t listen if you have a low […]

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Sophie’s iPhone—with Apps!

This afternoon Sophie was telling me all about her phone. I was impressed with the cleverness of using the two cards to represent different screens on the iPhone. And I really want that “Dinner with Friends” app! How handy would it be to press a button and have friends show up for dinner?  

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Practical Life with Strawberries

The other morning I was trying to bake bread for dinner and Sophie was pestering me for food. (I don’t normally class requests for food as “pestering”, by the way; but what Sophie was doing was pestering.) After a long and difficult process whereby she rejected all the options I suggested to her (which is […]

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