Happy Baptism Day, Anthony!

Happy Baptism Day, Anthony!

Anthony's baptism day includes his baptismal candle and cake

Yesterday was the anniversary of Anthony’s baptism but we were too busy for me to bake a cake so we decided to postpone the celebration to today. (Bella noted that we delayed his birthday celebration by a day too. Poor Anthony, I resolve to do better next year.) Despite a rough night, I managed to bake a chocolate cake (chock full of beets and ground almonds to give it an extra nutrition punch for my picky eaters)this afternoon and so the party was on. After dinner we lit Anthony’s baptismal candle, renewed our baptismal vows, and then sang the Regina Caeli, Sophie and Bella chiming in on both the “I dos” and the Marian hymn. Then we ate cake, Anthony diving in with gusto and the other kids not far behind.

Although he didn’t join in the singing with the rest of us, later Ben was singing on the changing table: “Alleluia, Queen of Heaven be joyful, Alleluia. People of Heaven, be joyful, alleluia.” 

What a joyful celebration to fall within the Easter season!

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