Bella Sings about Creation

Bella Sings about Creation

The other morning Bellas was singing this song she’d made up about God creating the world and everything in it. Meanwhile, Sophie and Ben were singing too, and processing around the house holding two books that told the creation story. Sophie told me they were having Mass.

Warning, don’t listen if you have a low tolerance for caterwauling. Poor Bella inherited my lack of singing ability. But I love her passion and conviction.

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  • Melanie:
    First, let me say how glad I am that Dom Is okay and back home. I can imagine how long that day and night felt while waiting on some definitive word from the doctors. Thank you, Lord, that it wasnot a serious matter.
    Second, please let me say no – at least to this reader, the stories and events you share with us regarding your children do not sound boastful or bragging. I have no children, and so perhaps might be considered to be the least inclined to want to hear very much detail about their doings and sayings. But, this is not the case. On the contrary, I find myself quite struck by the impact your and Dom’s teachings and influence have upon your very young children. I find it to be inspirational and quite moving. And personally, humbling. The presence of Christ obviously permeates your home and it makes me very happy to know such a household exists. God bless you all.

  • Not at all. I’m always amazed by what children can do if allowed to. Besides, it gives me ideas of how to work Catholicism in a child’s life. Also, you will have a great time rereading these posts and remembering after your children are grown….

  • Dear Melanie, I’m sorry the weekend was so upsetting for you, you must each in your own way have been very concerned and unsettled. I hope your husband is back to his usual health and spirits; how is his diabetes control? – my own husband has diabetes and I know how much his health depends on managing his condition. Does your health system there offer specialised guidance and monitoring for diabetics? I have been thinking of you especially lately as my own Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ flowers for me in this, our Autumn smile
    Good health to you all, my dear; love from Valerie, NZ.

  • Sound like you’re bragging?  Heavens, no!  As I read this post, I thought, “Gosh, it’s gotta be a hard transition to let go of having what you call ‘enough’ personal quiet time with the Lord because you’re fulfilling the duties of your wife/mother vocation……wow, how clever! – podcast LOH!  ….oh my goodness, this woman is *wicked* smart!: she thought to play the LOH so her children could hear it too—and look!  Little as she is, Sophie remembered some of the words, and was saying them aloud!” 

    I also thought it must have been wonderful to realize how much/how well your older two have been listening to the good things you and your husband have been surrounding the with.

    And your giving Sophie a crucifix (“from MOMMY’s ROOM” I thought, suddenly seeing you in my mind’s eye as from a little girl’s point of view)—inspired!  But how?  You’re obviously open to hearing the Holy Spirit; but you were also able to cry out to Him in your sadness, and open your heart to Him.  As I read that paragraph, I thought “Wow—how many times have I given up on something in great disappointment or sorrow, thrown in the towel and admitted defeat….and the Lord wasn’t done yet; He had something unexpected and beautiful for the person I was trying to help!”  That’s exactly what I saw, there. And what great results!  I hope she remembers that for the rest of her life—that she can always tell Jesus (holding a crucifix if she wants to!) what hurts, and ask Him to help her.  What a great lesson.

    Bragging?  No way.  Life in your house that day; you being honest; your showing us how the Lord has been/was/is so tangibly present in your house.  Thank you for letting us see that!