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Quick Takes—Childish Things

1. Anthony has gone through a language explosion this week. Suddenly the baby is really, really trying to communicate. In addition to saying Mama, Dadda, Bella, Ben, Tree, up, and ppppllbbtt (poopy diaper) I have now thought I heard: no, other side (in reference to nursing), water, push (as in Ben pushed him), and several […]

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A Snow Story

Sometimes you read a book and immediately want to tell everyone all about it. It’s that good. Fortunately I have a blog. I just read the most marvelous book that we got from the library last week, A Snow Story by Melvin J. Leavitt, illustrated by Jo Ellen McAllister Stammen. After we came home from […]

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Epiphany Weekend

All aboard the breakfast train! It’s been a long weekend—a good weekend; but long. and it’s not really over because Dom is taking the day off today. I had a quick takes post all done and ready to be published Saturday night but my computer ate it. So I’m just going to skip ahead and […]

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The Journey of the Magi

Happy Feast of the Epiphany. I have so much to write about our recent doings and especially our celebration of today’s feast; but am not sure I’ll get it posted tonight. But I wanted to get this up before the day is over. Late though it is, better than missing it altogether. The Journey of […]

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Blogging The Waste Land

When Dom was first setting up this site for me, almost exactly seven years ago, and we were brainstorming about a name, one of the first names that I considered was The Waste Land, after the poem by T. S. Eliot, which is one of my favorites. That domain name, in just about any permutation, […]

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A Mass of Dedication

Monday morning we were invited to a special Mass of dedication for the chapel of the new convent of the Daughters of Mary of Nazareth. Dom said it was going to be a very small affair, there wouldn’t be a large crowd there. Even he was surprised at how small it was. There was a […]

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New Year’s Eve at La Salette

La Salette Shrine Last year my mother-in-law had a special birthday request. On the eve of St Nicholas, the family gathered at La Salette Shrine and had birthday cake and saw the lights. It was a good time. This year on St Nicholas day Bella asked why we hadn’t gone to the shrine again. I […]

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