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The Feast of the Conversion of St Paul—a Rabbit Trail

Homeschooling has kind of stalled out for us since before Christmas. It’s not that Bella isn’t learning, I’m sure; but formal lessons of any kind have fallen by the wayside as I’ve not had much energy for gathering myself into a purposefulness. So today it was a wonderful surprise to find ourselves stumbling into a […]

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Sick House

We are all sick here. The big kids all have coughs and sniffles and are feeling under the weather. Ben is finding that all food tastes wrong. He’s thrown up a few times but I think it’s the cough and the post-nasal drip. Poor Anthony is probably feeling it the worst. I have to clear […]

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Seven for Seven

Finished on Saturday because on Friday night I found myself with a sick baby who wouldn’t sleep. Since today marks my blog’s seventh anniversary, I thought I’d do a slightly different kind of quick takes and remember some highlights from each of the seven years I’ve been blogging. Not that anyone will likely care; but […]

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Today The Wine Dark Sea turns seven. I wanted to write some kind of super post commemorating this historic day, but Ben was up half a dozen times in the night, Sophie was up about four times. Anthony, well, the night before last he was awake and howling from about 1 till about 5, so […]

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This is so cool. This week I stumbled upon these videos of a live performance of Beowulf in the original Old English, accompanied by Anglo Saxon harp! (With subtitles in modern English.) It is so cool. This is the way Beowulf was meant to be experienced. Not a text read in a book but an […]

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