Anthony and I had a beautiful communication moment today. Can I tell you that that breakthrough is just as thrilling with baby number four as it was with the first. Maybe even more so.

He’d just woken from his nap and was fussy fussy as I changed his diaper. Even having a dry diaper didn’t calm his fussing. So I asked him, “Ni-Ni, do you want some milk? Do you want milk?” And immediately he calmed down and started smiling and gurgling with this very satisfied look. So I repeated it and made the sign for milk too. He reached out and gently brushed my hand with his in a very deliberate way as if to confirm that he understood.

Then later in the day he was fussing again and I picked him up and carried him about for a while. Suddenly I stopped and asked if he wanted some milk. He smiled and grunted. I saw his arm go out and his fingers curl in very deliberately. I was sure he was trying to sign milk. Certainly he understood the question and was giving me an affirmative answer.

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