Sleeping Ben

This morning I really wanted to make a coffee cake with the rhubarb from our CSA and some berries we had on hand. But Anthony was not interested in napping so it took forever. I’d get one step done and then had to go nurse him. Another step and I had to fix a snack for the big kids and then nurse Anthony again. Another step and then change a few diapers and nurse Anthony again.

So lunch time passed and I just had the actual construction of the cake to do and so when Ben climbed up onto a chair next to me and started whining for me to cuddle him I put him off with “Just a minute. Let me just get this into the oven which has been preheating for the last two hours.”

Just then my sister woke up and told him she’d cuddle him as soon as she got a drink and took her medicine. And then she got sidetracked into making a snack for Sophie. Just as we were both finishing up, I looked over to see that Ben hadn’t waited. He’d put his blankies down on the hearth and fallen asleep right there in he fireplace.


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