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February Thaw

Children at work. Snowbanks exist to be kicked, don’t you know? First, I want to say thank you to all my dear friends who have left comments and sent emails and have said prayers for me, for us, this week. I feel so calm right now, I know I am being buoyed on a supernatural […]

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About Wedding Dresses

Betty is asking about wedding dresses: What did your wedding dress (and shoes and veil) look like? Do you still love your dress as much you did then? Do you wish you’d done anything differently? I’m all too happy to oblige dear Betty. What better way to spend an evening than digging through my wedding […]

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The Wall

Today was my last appointment with my OB before the scheduled c-section. The next time I see her will be in the hospital, most likely in the OR. Somehow hearing that was like hitting an invisible wall. It opened some kind of emotional floodgate and when I left the office and sat down in my […]

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Valentine’s Day Out and About

Today began with Valentine’s Day treats. We were meeting my friend Meghan, and her little boy, one year-old William, for a play date at Whole Foods Market. Meghan, my former roommate, is the one who introduced me to Dom in the first place. So it seems fitting we met up on Valentine’s Day. She’s my […]

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Sunday Night Scattershot

Only ten days left. I can’t believe it. Really, I am in denial about how short the time is. In these last days I’ve been feeling pretty wonderful. This has been I think the easiest last trimester I’ve been through. Thank God for small favors. I’ve been feeling wonderful; but have not had very much […]

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Hearts for Everyone

And snipping, snipping Scissors run To cut out hearts For everyone. ~ John Updike “February” from A Child’s Calendar For weeks Bella, inspired by one of her favorite poems, has been asking to cut out hearts. I had this inspiration to cut out hearts from the vast supply of water colored papers that Bella and […]

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Laetare! Redeeming Grace!

What a lovely way to start a Sunday morning. I sat up in bed and pulled out my iPhone to say morning prayer. Bella wandered in and asked if she could cuddle with me. She pulled off her slippers and slid her legs under he covers, snuggling herself at my left side with her head […]

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You’re Coming, Right?

Before my pregnancy addled brain drops the ball again, I don’t want to forget to mention the Faith and Family Mom�s Day Away event in Stoneham, MA on April 2. (I’ll just link to Dorian’s roundup because I’m too lazy to put all the links into my own post. ) Some of my favorite bloggy […]

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Gypsy Laundry

A bright splash of color on a dreary February day. One of the presents the girls got for Epiphany were some silk scarves along with the promise that we would dye them soon. Today about a month later we finally got around to doing the dying. It took me several trips to the grocery store […]

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