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February Book Notes

I find that February has been a rather lackluster month I haven’t even done a bare minimum of one book a week. True, it is a short month. Also true: I spent almost one week of it in hospital in a drug-induced, baby-drunk stupor. It really is almost impossible to make much progress on book […]

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Prayer Request

Can I beg some prayers for a dear family friend who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Pat Watson sings in the choir with my mom. For years she came to eat dinner with us on Wednesday nights before their choir practice. She has been an honorary auntie to me and my siblings.

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Babymoon Journal

A rainy Friday, sleepy day. Literally sleepy. I sit in my chair and snuggle with my baby and sometimes he drifts off and sometimes I do, my eyes doing a slow blink and then I wake and realize I’ve been asleep yet again. A pleasant sort of haze to drift through when nothing is urgent […]

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Ben the Big Brother

So now we’re finally home. Me and Anthony. It’s so good to be here. The girls are thrilled to have us home. It took a little while but I’ve begun to find ways to help Ben get settled into the new way things are. Ben was napping when we came home from the hospital. When […]

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Thought to Ponder

The asceticism that is essential to our divinization and that represents once again a synergy of grace consists in simply but resolutely turning every movement toward possessiveness into an offering. The epiclesis on the altar of the heart must be intense at these moments, so that the Holy Spirit may touch and consume our death […]

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Scenes from the Hospital

Anthony and I greet the sunrise at the hospital. Beautiful sunny flowers from Grandma B and Auntie Francesca brighten our room. Hospital table still life with Theotokos of Czestochowa. If Ben could take this window home with him, he would stand there all day looking out at the traffic. Church steeple with bassinet. Hospital bling. […]

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Greeting Anthony

So Sunday evening around dinner time it became increasingly obvious the contractions weren’t going away. I decided to call the doctor after we got the kids in bed. Of course she told us to go to the hospital. I tossed some things in a bag, gave few instruction to my sister and then Dom and […]

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Lightning and Clouds Bless the Lord

Arwen wrote recently about calming night fears with prayers. Tonight was one of the greatest night terror challenges I’ve faced yet as a mother. But we got through it eventually. Just as we were tucking the children into bed, Dom had turned on the light and shut the door and I was beginning to sing […]

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