Ben Playing in the Mud

Ben Playing in the Mud

The other morning I opened the back door to see what the temperature was like. It was raining and I wondered whether it would be warm and muggy or cool and damp.

It was cool, with a lovely breeze so I left the door open to let the room breathe. As soon as my back was turned Ben slipped outside. Dom tried to stop him; but I said, “Let him go. The worst that can happen is he’ll get wet and muddy.”


I loved watching him, how delighted he was when he bent down and found a little stick, how intent he was on poking things with his stick, on splashing in the puddles with his hand.


I love the flat-footed toddler squat. Wish I could do that! It’s amazing how they can just drop like that and then stay in that position for forever.


I love the concentration. So very, very focused. Oblivious to everything but the matter at hand.


This is such a great age. Every day he seems more and more a little boy, less and less a baby. I watch him exploring his world, playing with his sisters, mastering new skills. He is an intrepid adventurer, a scientist, a pioneer, a student, a comedian.

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