First Haircut

First Haircut

Before: eating blueberries at the farmer’s market

So far Bella’s had two haircuts in her life. (Three if you count that time when she was a toddler she had a massive tangle in her hair an I hacked it out.) Sophie has never had a haircut. But of course Ben is a boy and there’s a big difference. When a little boy’s hair starts to get long, you can’t just keep it out of his eyes with a cute butterfly barrette or tie it into a topknot.

Shaggy Ben, before the haircut

So Ben was getting a bit shaggy, to say the least.


I knew it was about time. I also knew going in that there was no way of getting it even halfway straight. I went for the crude hack that did the job, getting it out of his eyes. I know it’s supremely uneven. However, he almost never lets me comb or brush it anyway, so the tousled look suits him. 


I want to take a few more swipes at it to make it a little neater; but he was getting pretty frantic and I didn’t want him to get poked by the scissors. Maybe later I can have another go.


Anyway, I would be glad to have any advice from other mothers of boys: How do you manage haircuts when they are too young to be able to reliably sit still? Do you do it yourself, take them to the barber?


And please don’t tell me my baby’s hair looks awful. Really, I can see how crooked it is. I’m not blind. But I have no regrets. I am very glad it’s not in his eyes anymore.

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