Ben’s Birthday Video

Ben’s Birthday Video

Please note, Ben’s new bowls are in proper rainbow order. Very important, that.

I did not make a homemade cake; we had a Boston Cream Pie from the supermarket. Very yummy. Not that Ben would know.

I love the way Ben smiles and glances at me when we start singing. Oh that warms my heart.

I still can’t believe my baby is one!



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  • Thanks – something like the roasted peppers, garlic, hot red pepper flakes & oil.  Dom’s grandmother taught me.  She roasted the peppers on a black stove until black on the outside, put them in a paper bag, then waited and peeled all the black carb stuff off.  She then sliced them in strips & cooked them in a roasting pan w/good olive oil, garlic (maybe oinions), red pepper flakes and a little tomatoe sauce (leftover home made).  It was then made up as sandwiches on hard crust italien.  His grandfather, & father took them to work.  Use to have bidding wars for trading them at work!  Yours sounds even better.  I must try it, especially w/the hard bread.  Never mind about the house, feed the troops first. (:)