An Experiment

An Experiment


Today at my sister-in-law’s house Ben fell asleep while nursing. I really wanted to hold my new niece so I let my sister-in-law talk me into trying to put him down in the toddler bed. He slept for more than an our (and I got to hold the sweetest little baby!).

Emboldened by that success, I decided to try to put him down in the office in the portacrib tonight. He’s been sleeping in the bassinet in our room and co-sleeping with me after I go to bed; but the waking every two hours or so is starting to really get to me. So though he’s never been in the portacrib before I feel it’s worth a shot.

I nursed him down to sleep around 8 and then laid him down. He woke as I put him down but went back to sleep within five or ten minutes. He slept for two hours and then I nursed him down again. This time he fell back asleep quickly and didn’t stir when I laid him in the portacrib.

So we’ll see how this goes. I’m hopeful that not being so near to me he might sleep for a little longer stretch. It’s at least worth a try.

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  • I can’t believe that!  Was she promoting any REAL advice, or did the love and security cover her whole agenda?  Crazy.  I agree that giving sleep advice without actually knowing that baby’s specific circumstances would be tough…but surely she could do without a platitude like this one, which doubles as a guilt trip.  That mom could use actual tips.  With ‘love and security’ she’s being patted on the back and told not to worry, it’ll all be sunshine and roses as long as she’s loving and caring enough.  Sheesh.

  • Sounds like Nanny Yvonne belongs to that group of people who believe that anything can be solved with hugs and nice warm fuzzy feelings. Hugs and nice warm fuzzy feelings are nice and certainly all children should feel secure and loved, but it is hardly a cure-all. If I thought that was all it took, I’d run downtown this afternoon and give Nancy Pelosi a kiss on the cheek and a huge hug and then wait to see if she went away!