Say It Ain’t the Blueberries, Ben

Say It Ain’t the Blueberries, Ben

I am so glad my sister happened to be home this afternoon; Ben was in rare form screaming hysterically for more than an hour and could not be consoled. I don’t know how I would have go Sophie down for her nap had Theresa not been here to hold the screaming baby. She is so stubborn she must fall asleep while I’m reading or singing to her. I cannot leave the room until she is asleep or she just screams and will not rest.

Eventually Ben did cry himself out. I think the gas drops helped too. Now I’m left wondering what gave him the gas. The cauliflower in last night’s curry is an obvious culprit. So far Ben like his sisters has shown a gastric sensitivity to all the cruciferous vegetables; but they usually don’t have him so upset. No, I fear that this bout was the result of a very small amount of blueberries in my oatmeal at breakfast.

A while back when he was having the Very Nasty Diaper Rash our pediatrician warned me off of broccoli (my favorite vegetable!) and that did seem to help. But it was when I noticed a correlation with blueberries and dropped them too that things got much much better. I had hoped I was wrong or that perhaps he’d outgrown the sensitivity. Sadly, it seems not. I guess I’ll be continuing to abstain from one of my favorite fruits as well, my standard add-in to my oatmeal.

So long, frozen blueberries. I guess I’ll see you again when my baby’s weaned.

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