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Common Life

Dear Karen, This afternoon my sister and I are opening Common Life by Robert Cording and reading poems back and forth to each other as we sip our Turkish coffee. (She just bought an ibrik.) Thank you for the recommend which made me rush out to get a copy of this fabulous book. I have […]

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More Construction

Yesterday when Dom came home from work there were two trenches across the street, one on each side of our house. He had to drive up on the sidewalk to get to the driveway. Fun. More stories at [url=”” style=’color:#569bb5′]Home[/url] Powered by [url=”” style=’color:#569bb5′]Whrrl[/url] Yet the girls are enchanted. Bella claims to be scared of the equipment. […]

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Speaking of A. A. Milne

From the other room this morning I heard Bella reciting lines from “The King’s Breakfast”: “Excuse me, Your Majesty, For taking of The liberty, But marmalade is tasty, if It’s very Thickly Spread.” She got it word perfect. And that’s a stanza in the middle of the poem, not the first or last. Too, too […]

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Dining al Fresco

Bella asked if she could eat outside tonight. And since it’s September and there won’t be too many more chances, I gave in and said yes. And made two little girls very happy. I put their little table outside and Bella sat on the back step and Sophie sat on the single chair. This chair […]

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Men at Work!

Nothing like coming home from the library loaded up with a pile of books about trucks and construction equipment to find you can’t get in the driveway because of the big dump truck and backhoe and the trench they are excavating in front of your house. I really wish they’d warn us.

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It’s been a gray day. A chill in the air that feels very autumnal. I baked bread this morning. (The loaf was rather dense and sad but tasted good hot with some butter.) So I thought I’d post some photos of my happy sunflowers which are finally blooming. Seeing them at the corner of the […]

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When We Were Very Young

When I was in college some friends gave me a lovely box set that contained two books: The World of Pooh: The Complete Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner and The World of Christopher Robin: The Complete When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six. The first is of course the complete […]

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In Our World….

Bunnies are the coolest thing ever. Pooh and Piglet have to be called in from the back yard and often sit down with us at dinner. Blankies and pink piggies MUST be found at bedtime or the world ends. If they can’t be found when we wake in the middle of the night, everyone must […]

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