Men at Work!

Men at Work!


Nothing like coming home from the library loaded up with a pile of books about trucks and construction equipment to find you can’t get in the driveway because of the big dump truck and backhoe and the trench they are excavating in front of your house. I really wish they’d warn us.

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  • I’ve looked at the Ikea ones. Good to know they are sturdy and holding up. That pushes me a bit more in that direction.

    Sophie says something that sounds like “Bewa”.

  • A change of scenery is always a good strategy with picky/poor eaters! Plus, their very own table must have made them feel so important and special smile
    Check out Ikea: we have a cheap set (mini table and 2 mini chairs, $30 or less) that has proven to be really sturdy.
    Cute, beautiful girls… (I am curious: how does Sophie call Bella?)