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Bella Helps Wash the Car

Bella eschewed her nap today. About fifteen minutes after Dom put her down she was out again declaring she was hungry. Since she seems to be fine missing a nap now and then, only sleeping every third day or so, we decided to let her get up. And so she got to help Dom wash […]

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Why I Love My Mom

I got an envelope in the mail today. A big greeting card-sized envelope. From my mom. On the back flap was a note in my mom’s handwriting: “a wee bit delayed.” Ah, how like my mom, I thought. A birthday card a month late, almost to the day. Oh my birthday wasn’t forgotten this year. […]

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Say Sophie

I’ve been trying to get Sophia to say her own name for a while. This week she finally decided to give it a go. I just adore her lisping pronunciation. Say Sophie from Domenico Bettinelli on Vimeo. Isn’t she just the cutest thing?  

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Full Hands, Full Heart

We went to Target this morning. Ben was almost out of diapers and there were quite a few other things to stock up on. I remember how just a couple of weeks ago this prospect scared me. Now it’s just a matter of logistical planning: I need to park near where there’s an empty shopping […]

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Story Time with Isabella

I gave Bella some pieces of tissue paper to play with this morning. (I’m finally writing thank you notes for Benedict’s baptismal presents, which means finally pulling the presents out of the gift bags. Thus the tissue paper from the gift bags.) She soon had them spread out on the floor with her stuffed animals […]

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