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White Garment? Check!

As I was picking up the girls’ room at bedtime tonight, I noticed Raggedy Ann wasn’t wearing her apron. “Bella, where is Raggedy Ann’s apron?” I asked. “I took it off?” she explained, matter-of-fact. “Why?” “Dolly needed it,” she said, “She just got baptized.” I suppose Raggedy Ann’s apron would make a decent white garment […]

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On Childbirth and Prayer

I’ve long felt there is a need for good writing about the spirituality of pregnancy and childbirth. There doesn’t seem to be much out there on the subject—at least not from a Catholic perspective—and it seems to me that there is much that could be written. A fertile field waiting to be tilled, if you’ll […]

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Fall Ensemble

One of the things I love about my increasingly independent three-year old is that she dresses herself much of the time. This morning as I helped her pick out her clothes, she decided she wanted to wear her yellow sundress. I still have to sort through Bella’s clothes and put away the summer things, bring […]

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Busy Saturday (with books!)

A busy, busy Saturday. It started rather sweetly for me, cuddled in between Ben and Sophie. I’ve become so used to Ben only waking me once per night that any night he wakes more than once feels tough. Last night he woke at 3 then at 5 then again at 6. So when Dom’s alarm […]

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This morning Theresa of LPaz Home Learning shared a smile: I love Matt. Like Theresa I smile every time (and sometimes cry). The girls watched the video again and again. Fortunately Bella has finally learned how to hit Replay after a YouTube video ends so I no longer have to come running. Soon enough Bella […]

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Sleeping Bella

My sweet little girl looks so wonderfully peaceful when she’s sleeping. Bella napping on my bed with the must-have trio: the quilt I made for her, the purple pillow I made for her, and her pink piggy. Notice the Pooh book under the back of her head. She fell asleep while I was reading to […]

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Sweet Sophie, My Hurricane

The other night before I went to bed I discovered this mess in my laundry room: It has all the hallmarks of my sweet 18-month old daughter who loves to pull every single can off my pantry shelves. Though in all fairness it is very likely that Sophie had a co-conspirator or at least an […]

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