More Construction

More Construction

Yesterday when Dom came home from work there were two trenches across the street, one on each side of our house. He had to drive up on the sidewalk to get to the driveway. Fun.

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Yet the girls are enchanted.

Bella claims to be scared of the equipment. And she covers her ears when we walk by. Even yesterday when they were silent and still. But she loves to sit and watch them work from the safety of our house.

Today the plumber finally came to figure out why the water didn’t come on in the house when they reconnected us to the new main.

a very dirty filter

Turns out it was nothing they did but a very dirty filter. Ick! The plumber graciously put in a new filter for us and now we have good clean water.

The work is far from over. They’ve still got to repave the places where they’ve dug up the street. But they say it should all be finished by the end of the month.

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  • Sharon, I sometimes, seldom, write in books but never in my breviary so that’s no loss to me.

    Katherine, I just discovered that flaw this morning. My thumb kept hitting the info and credits button. Annoying for sure.

  • Fr Ray Blake, I think it was, posted about the ibrievary which a visiting priest used.  I can see where it would be very useful for you but I like my paper brievary because I write in it; I underline words and make little notes and I think I would miss being able to do this with an ibrievary.

  • I LOVE this app. I do wish it had the optional prayer-spalms, but one thing I tend to do…. when I scroll down, sometimes my finger hits one of the menu buttons and goes to a different file and I have to go back and scroll all the way down to where I was. So I do wish the menu was done differently. But yeah, I use this app. more than my book.

  • The button thing is a common problem with iPhone apps in general. Having menus at the bottom of the screen leads to accidental taps, especially since they aren’t buttons and you can’t sense them.