This morning Theresa of LPaz Home Learning shared a smile: I love Matt. Like Theresa I smile every time (and sometimes cry).

The girls watched the video again and again. Fortunately Bella has finally learned how to hit Replay after a YouTube video ends so I no longer have to come running.

Soon enough Bella was dancing along with Matt (Pay no attention to the complete disorder of my living room.):

Dancing Bella from Domenico Bettinelli on Vimeo.

Dancing was evidently to be today’s theme. This afternoon Dom sent me a video to share with the girls. Both Bella and Sophie were enthralled. They’ve read about ballerinas in books (recently Bella’s been walking about the living room mysteriously proclaiming I’m a ballerina while balancing a couch cushion on her head) but I don’t think they’ve ever watched anyone dance ballet:

So there you are. Dancing. Maybe one day soon the girls will attempt to be ballerinas and I can catch it on camera. Wouldn’t that be a treat?



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