Sleeping Bella

Sleeping Bella

My sweet little girl looks so wonderfully peaceful when she’s sleeping.


Bella napping on my bed with the must-have trio: the quilt I made for her, the purple pillow I made for her, and her pink piggy.


Notice the Pooh book under the back of her head.

She fell asleep while I was reading to her. When she woke two hours later, it was in a crying panic: “I want to sleep in the office!” We’ve been letting her sleep on the floor in the corner of the office. Much better than having her wake Sophia or vice-versa. She’s so attached to the idea that she gets upset when she falls asleep while I’m reading to her in my room.

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  • Here are a few books on dancing to stick in the “file for later”:  Noel Streatfield’s “Ballet Shoes”, “Theatre Shoes” and “Dancing Shoes”—all of which I loved well after I had dropped out of ballet at the ripe old age of nine.  These are all healthy books about normal kids with good sibling relationships, moral strengths and weaknesses, and gifts in the arts.  “Dancing Shoes” was my favorite because one of the heroines was shy and the villainous cousin so deserved the come-uppance she got.

  • We really enjoyed both videos, actually, all three (counting yours).  As far as your living room goes, it looks very similar to mine, especially after a trip to target.  And the girls have plenty of room to dance, so that is the important part =)

  • scotch meg,

    I’ve had Streatfield on my watch-for list for a while. So many rave reviews out there. By funny coincidence I found Dancing Shoes this morning at our library’s book sale.


    Yep, that’s the haul from Thursday’s Target trip that still hasn’t been put away. I really need to do that this afternoon. Just as soon as Ben finishes nursing and I have some lunch…

  • Oh yes, you have to get Streatfeild! (who really did spell her name that way, though I can never get over the feeling I am mistyping it). My little would-be ballerina has been worked on by big sisters, so has ideas above her station and likes to demonstrate her “arabesques” and “plies”.