A Few More Notes on Benedict’s Baptism

A Few More Notes on Benedict’s Baptism

Baptisms are always awesome. Even more so when it’s my baby. As Father Murphey said in his homily yesterday, it’s the best gift I could ever give to my children. Nothing could ever top this for this is the one gift that will last for eternity.

This was an especially blessed day, surrounded by family and friends, so full of joy. Now our new parish feels a bit more like home too. It was so hard to leave Immaculate Conception in Salem it’s where Dom and I met (during the sign of peace) and were married, and where Bella and Sophie were baptized. Somehow having Benedict baptized at St. Joseph’s makes it a bit more our parish. Does that seem silly?

Isabella and Sophia were both baptized during a regular Sunday mass. But for various reasons that wasn’t really an option. I think I prefer the mass just because it feels like we’re really bringing our children into the community as a whole. I love sharing the moment with the great group of random people who just happened to show up for that mass as well as the particular family and friends who we invited. Still, this private ceremony was nice. The pace was leisurely. The church was hot, though. I was wiping my face and my steaming glasses with the baby blanket over my shoulder. (You only thought it was for baby spit ups.)

Benedict fussed, screamed and squalled throughout most of the ceremony and then right after it was over fell angelically asleep in my arms, a blissed-out new Christian baby. Bella was a limpet, clinging close, very interested in what was going on. Sophie was contentedly passed from relative to relative, especially her cousin Kateri who just couldn’t stop picking her up. It was so hot that we decided not to dress Benedict in his gown except at the end. It certainly made it easier to hold onto him. With each of the girls I felt I was in danger of them sliding out of my arms with all the masses of taffeta.

The church might have been stuffy but when everyone came back to our house for the party the weather was perfect for sitting out in the back yard. Most of our guests went straight outside and for the most part the party stayed out there with forays into the house for food. As always seems to happen, the tables groaned with abundant food. We’d decided to keep things simple with coldcut platters from the supermarket. There were many delicious salads and sides and desserts. Children running about and playing, good conversation, and cool breezes. The day ended with the younger children hitting at a pinata and rushing about picking up candy. Bella took her swipes at the pinata but when it broke she stood and watched while all the other kids gathered candy. I had to laugh because it was so very typical of her.

All in all a wonderful day. I’m certain I’m missing things I meant to include; but chances for writing are fleeting and I am tired.

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