Remembering the Rhythm

Remembering the Rhythm

I’d forgotten. How at the end of a long day, tired, so tired, ready to wrap it up early, take a shower, get to bed. And it’s then that baby, who has been sleepy and dreamy all day, suddenly springs alert and ready for a marathon nursing session. His eyes so large taking it all in. His hungry mouth only satiated for long enough for me to grab a quick bathroom break, change a diaper, then he’s rooting again. How can such a tiny body hold so much?

I should have known. This is when just a week ago he was doing his kicking and spinning, his daily here I am reminder. Yes, little one, here you are. Here we are.

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  • Such beautiful children!  But seriously, I cringed when I saw your daughter leaning against your belly!  Ouch, I assume.  I’ve never had a C-section, but it looks like it would hurt.  Congrats on the walk!  Ouch again!

  • Thanks!

    Sarah, the thing is I love walks and I haven’t really been able to walk for some time because I had pretty severe sciatica from the second trimester on. Not to mention our incredibly soggy spring. I’m itching to get out and be active before our all-too-brief New England summer is gone.


    After my first c-sec definitely. After the second one, maybe. Now, though, I think that after the third time you maybe start to lose some of the feeling in some of the nerve endings? If she gave me a sharp jab it would hurt, but a little pressure doesn’t really. In fact, I’m getting into some trouble. I’m not supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds but I keep forgetting because I don’t feel the kind of pain I felt the last two times. I’ve lifted Sophie down out of her chair once without even thinking and done a few other things I shouldn’t. I feel the soreness later but not at the time.