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Kiss the Boy

Everyone keeps telling me to give this guy lots of kisses and hugs, to sniff his sweet baby head. Well, here you go, proof that I’m following through. Daddy’s getting lots of cuddle time with our little guy, too. Anyway, things may be a bit quiet around here this weekend. My dad just flew in […]

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Updates on the whole family

What a day! We had an unexpected daddy’s home day today. Sophie wrenched her arm at bedtime last night and was still favoring it this morning. Dom stayed home to help us navigate getting to the doctor’s office. I’m still not supposed to drive or do any lifting so getting all 3 kids to the […]

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7 Quick Takes: Photo Edition

—1— First, you know I have to have a baby picture. Or two. I’ve found this to be the best position for burping for all three kids. Or maybe its really just what I feel most comfortable with. In any case Bene is the only one to regularly fall asleep in this position. And by […]

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Pondering Motherhood and Vocation

Being in the hospital a second time was so hard. What I really wanted to be doing was cuddling and nursing my Benedict in my big blue rocking chair, reading to my girls, and getting lots of naps. Instead I found myself mostly alone in a tiny hospital room, waiting, waiting, waiting. My nursing time […]

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An Unwitting Experiment

Every so often a blogger I read decides she’s overwhelmed and closes her comments. Which always makes me sad, though I try to be understanding. Anyway, this is just to say that you, my loyal readers, need never fear my making the same decision. In the past few days I saw what it would be […]

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To everyone who has left comments on the blog since Thursday. My web host changed email settings and Dom forgot to change mine. Understandably. He’s had more important things on his mind. I didn’t notice the missing emails immediately because I was still getting other email. I just thought it was a very slow weekend […]

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I shouldn’t be surprised; but it snuck up on me where I wasn’t expecting it. And I’m frustrated and uncertain how to proceed. Bella it seems is suddenly much more reluctant to use the toilet. Is holding it in until her nap time or bed time when she goes in the pull-up. Waiting especially until […]

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