I shouldn’t be surprised; but it snuck up on me where I wasn’t expecting it. And I’m frustrated and uncertain how to proceed. Bella it seems is suddenly much more reluctant to use the toilet. Is holding it in until her nap time or bed time when she goes in the pull-up. Waiting especially until then for bowel movements. And until today Dom has been there to clean her up. It wins her daddy time, focused attention.

Today, though, he’s got a blood donation appointment so she had to deal with Grandma cleaning her up. She screamed she wanted to wait until daddy came home, but I was firm. Even if it wasn’t going to be three hours, I don’t want to reinforce the behavior.

But how to discourage it? Or should I worry? Will it go away on its own if we wait it out? Or should we return to incentives when she uses the toilet? Or to disincentives when she has an accident? I don’t really like that last one, though it becomes much more compelling when one has to clean up a big mess every day.

Anyone had to deal with potty regression and what did you do?

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