To everyone who has left comments on the blog since Thursday. My web host changed email settings and Dom forgot to change mine. Understandably. He’s had more important things on his mind.

I didn’t notice the missing emails immediately because I was still getting other email. I just thought it was a very slow weekend for blog commenters. And then I realized it had been a few days and missed the usual responses.

Anyway, we’re trying to recover the emails so I can read them and respond. Thank you for your patience while I sort this out. I’m really not ignoring you. In fact, I’ve been missing you.


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  • While I can’t speak for everyone, I’m sure I speak for more than just myself when I say: Rest assured, we’re still here.
    (Heck, with a 3 year old, a 1 year old and now a newby, I barely leave the house! Where would I go? smile )

  • Your blog is one of my faves and it’s bookmarked…
    Our youngest child is now “5”…and at 48 y/o I don’t believe God has plans for more…so my peeking at your blog is a pleasant reminder of those baby and toddler years that are slipping away here smile

  • yours is a “go to” blog for me.  I stumbled upon it looking for catholic blogs; found it when Bella was a baby and have been intrigued since! (it feels like yesterday!  smile  Your and your family’s faith give me courage and hope.  Thank you!

  • I never know whether to leave comments or not. I often feel like blogs are only for friends or family and I’m just an interloper or perhaps an internet busybody. 

    I love reading blogs of young mothers with toddlers and newborns. I think because those years are past me now and mine were such a blur. I enjoy reading others experience as a way to reflect on my own. Your blog is currently one of my favorites.

    Thank you for such deep sharing.

  • I always feel a little guilty reading a strangers blog and not even stopping to say hi, so I’m finally saying hi (after reading for a year or so). I’m guessing I’m about your age and temperament and even though I’m not married and don’t have children I love coming here to read the beautiful witness you give, and your honest writing about the living out of your vocation in all its nittygrittyness. grin Thank you. And congratulations on your beautiful Benedict.