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Sunday Pictures

The girls ready for church. Photos courtesy of Grandma Scott. Dresses courtesy of Grandma Bettinelli. Photos of sleeping babies need no explanation or excuses. Dancing with Auntie Tree: “He never steps on my toes.” Don’t miss Dom’s Photos of Benedict�s first week.

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Summer in the Garden

The weather finally feels like summer. Long lazy days, hot and humid. Blue skies, fluffy clouds. I’m not spending much time outside, but have taken a few turns about the garden, admiring all the wonderful abundance. The pink rose bush is gloriously full. I wish I could blog the smell. My nasturtiums are finally blooming. […]

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7 Quick Takes

(woohoo! I finally got around to downloading Jen’s graphic.) 1 At least once a day Bella and Sophia have to go out for an expedition into the front yard to go see the roses. (Of course I forgot to take a picture to illustrate. Take my word for it, though, our roses are glorious.) 2 […]

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Remembering the Rhythm

I’d forgotten. How at the end of a long day, tired, so tired, ready to wrap it up early, take a shower, get to bed. And it’s then that baby, who has been sleepy and dreamy all day, suddenly springs alert and ready for a marathon nursing session. His eyes so large taking it all […]

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Home Again

This time it’s going to take an army to drag me back to the hospital. Seriously. The girls are thrilled to have us back. I’m thrilled to be here. My little guy is enjoying being snuggled in grandma’s arms, in my arms…. not having to be in bed under the lights. Now we can recommence […]

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Back in the Hospital

So the pediatrician called around 5 to say we needed to go ahead and take Benedict to the hospital to be admitted for treatment because his bilirubin levels jumped since yesterday. So we packed up and headed back. Got a very warm greeting from all the nurses at the front desk who recognized us. Spent […]

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