An Unwitting Experiment

Every so often a blogger I read decides she’s overwhelmed and closes her comments. Which always makes me sad, though I try to be understanding. Anyway, this is just to say that you, my loyal readers, need never fear my making the same decision. In the past few days I saw what it would be like if I didn’t get any comments. (I should have known something was wrong with the email when I got not a single comment on the cute baby photos. Who can resist cute baby photos?) In brief, I didn’t like it. Not one bit. I missed you guys.

It’s kind of funny because I never set out to be a blogger with an audience. This blog began as a way for me to be able to have a central place to record my thoughts that I could access from both work and home. I migrated from a Live Journal where I had maybe three or four readers and all of them friends or family. Sure, I knew I was making this a public blog, it never occurred to me to make it private. Still, I was a bit weirded out the first time a stranger commented here on my blog. Dom was a bit incredulous, what did I think was going to happen? Over time I got used to the idea and as I gained readers I started writing a little bit more with an audience in mind. And over time I gained even more readers. Moreover, I gained friends. Even though it was not what I set out to create, this blog has become a community of readers and writers.

So this is just to say, to all of you out there, thank you. Thank you for coming and thank you for commenting. Thank you for sharing with me and for praying with me and I’m so very glad you are here.

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